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Tom J. Behunin Construction, Arvada, Colorado

At Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado, we’ll design and install an industrial flooring system that supports your goals and operations. We provide custom flooring, coatings, linings and wall systems for a variety of applications within the chemical processing industry, including:

  • Power & Utility Plants
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Hazardous Waste Facilities
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Fertilizer & Herbicide Production
  • Oil Refineries
  • Biochemical
  • And much more

As the owner or manager of a chemical processing facility, you know how difficult it can be to maintain that delicate balance between speed and safety. You’re focused on maximizing efficiency and output without creating a hazardous situation that could shut down your plant.

Working with us will allow you to create a system that protects uncoated surfaces from any corrosive materials that you might handle, store or produce, from acids to solvents and so much more. Of course, the end product will be EPA-compliant and ensure a safer work environment. And that means you’ll be able to avoid costly shutdowns while increasing the efficiency of your chemical processing plant.

With chemical resistant industrial flooring from Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado, every area of your operation will be covered, including:

  • Storage – Let us match your needs with the ideal flooring and wall solution, whether you’re looking to control static or avoid surface issues such as corrosion, cracking and crazing.
  • Processing – Go with anti-static flooring that can stand up to chemicals, provide thermal shock resistance, even help protect employees from slip and skid accidents.
  • Containment – Protect the environment from any hazardous waste or materials with seamless systems and linings designed to withstand corrosion from even the harshest chemicals.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Balance

The team at Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado has over 40 years of experience helping chemical processing businesses of all sizes. We’re known for custom industrial flooring solutions that support daily operations and can be installed with minimum downtown. Floors, walls, tanks and more, we have you covered.