Concrete Coatings for Brewery Floors Behunin Industrial Flooring ArvadaAt Behunin Industrial Flooring in Arvada, we’ve seen a huge increase in concrete coatings for brewery floors to go along with an increase in Colorado craft and microbreweries. Our flooring experts suggest concrete floors protected by high-performance coatings for the brew room, distillery, barrel room, tasting room and bar and restaurants. They are a much better fit than the typical tile or ceramic floor because they can handle the hard demands of the brewing industry.

Beverage processing plants are often exposed to contaminants and chemicals so it is very important to have a sanitary and bacteria-free environment, including the floor. Because of that, the brewery floors have to use more chemicals to sanitize and disinfect them, and then hot rinse them with a high-pressure hose. To withstand all this abuse, concrete coatings for brewery floors are recommended. They’re seamless, strong, durable, and easy to clean.

Brewery Flooring Needs

Concrete flooring with a heavy-duty coating is an excellent option. These floors offer a variety of benefits:

  • Watertight and easy to clean
  • High traffic durability
  • Meet FDA and USDA guidelines
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Coatings that cure at low temperatures
  • Thermal shock resistant to hot water wash downs and cool temperatures
  • Resistant to acids, chemicals, and additives
  • Skid, slip, and impact resistant
  • Maintains high surface load of bottling and cleaning machines, filling machines and materials
  • Coatings with low/zero VOCs and emissions
  • Seamless floor surface protects from dirt and bacteria

Heavy Equipment Demands

Outside of the processing area, the concrete coated floors are strong enough to stand up to the brewing equipment. The coated concrete floors can handle the brewery forklifts and pallet jacks and other heavy machinery as well.

Flooring Design

By sanding and grinding the surface of the floor, it allows color stain and sealer to penetrate the concrete. It’s then protected with a polyurethane sealer, which makes the treatment last longer. It’s also important for brewery floors to pitch toward drains and be curbed to prevent liquid overflow and standing water. The right floor is critical for the brewing industry.

At Behunin Industrial Flooring in Arvada, if you currently have industrial concrete floors that need repairs, we also offer a range of industrial concrete restoration services. We can handle joint repairs, and cracks and chips. We can also demolish and replace your current concrete floor if there are too many issues that need to be fixed. Our expert technicians will assess your floor problems and recommend a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that meets industry-specific requirements.

Behunin Industrial Flooring experts in Arvada are experienced in industrial flooring and can provide concrete coatings for brewery floors. Our industry-compliant solutions will ensure your employees, products, and consumers are safe. We have the expertise to take on any job, big or small. Our specialty is installing high-performance solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. We take great pride in doing things right the first time and on time.