Electronics Manufacturing

electro-static-discharge-coatingElectronics Manufacturing

Tom J. Behunin Construction, Arvada, Colorado

We’re surrounded by technology. It’s a huge part of our daily lives and driver of our global economy. To meet both consumer and commercial demand, electronics manufacturing companies require facilities specifically designed to protect products, as well as the people that help build them. An important part of the equation is industrial, electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring from Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado. We provide a variety of solutions that can be customized for nearly any application:

  • Computer System Building
  • Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Electronic Components
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Automated & Electronic Assembly
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Photography & Pro Lighting
  • Engineering & Biomedical
  • Labs & Clean Rooms
  • Electronics Testing & Repair

With over 40 years of experience developing industrial flooring systems for electronics manufacturing, aeronautics, chemical processing and more, Tom J. Behunin Construction knows what it takes to ensure successful outcomes that fit within budget and timeline restraints. Most importantly we deliver an end product that protects everyone and everything from static discharges, stands up to chemicals and other hazardous materials, and controls both dust and fumes.

Our long-lasting, professionally installed flooring and wall systems offer your electronics manufacturing operation a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Electrostatic discharge capabilities meeting industry standards
  • Grounded conductive flooring for most munitions and explosives
  • Waterproof and resistance to chemicals, acids, solvents and more
  • Slip, skid and impact resistance for both flooring and wall systems
  • Seamless, bacteria resistant and sterile for use in clean rooms
  • Meets Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) protocols

Experts in High-Performance Flooring

In today’s highly competitive technology market, your electronics manufacturing facility needs to stay a step ahead of the competition. An issue caused by improper flooring is not acceptable to your brand or bottom line. At Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado, we understand what’s at stake, which is why we specialize in industrial flooring systems that keep your operations running at full speed.