Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation

Tom J. Behunin Construction, Arvada, Colorado

Before we install a new flooring system, one of our experts from Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado will first determine what’s needed for proper floor preparation. This step is crucial, ensuring a proper bond between the substrate and any industrial floor coating. And by doing it right the first time, we’re able to deliver a solution that’s durable, functional and of course, looks fantastic.

One of our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your floors before determining next steps:

  • Identify substrate type – full concrete or mixed with metals and materials
  • Observe temperature, traffic volume, moisture present and cleaning frequency
  • Log all contaminants – rust, paint, chemicals, grease, sealers or coatings

Once we have insight into the environment and a clear understanding of your requirements (such as drain sloping), we’ll move forward with floor preparation. Depending on the condition of your current flooring, this may include a full or partial demolition, as well as cleaning and preparing the substrate using the latest techniques and advanced equipment.

If necessary, our crew will use specialized tools to grind down existing epoxy or urethane coatings and membranes, as well as remove built-up paint, residues, adhesives and other contaminants. Techniques such as scarifying, scraping and stripping will also be used depending on the condition of your substrate.

Finally, we’ll do a last pass to clean the floors and remove all dust. This comprehensive approach to floor preparation will enable a better and stronger bonding of your flooring system. Even if you don’t require a coating, our prep methods will provide a smooth concrete surface that’s ready to be polished.

If You Want it Done Right

By choosing Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado for industrial flooring and wall systems, you get a business built on integrity and professionalism. That means our teams starts every project the right way, with proper floor preparation to ensure the longevity of your flooring investment.