Floor Preparations Needed for Industrial Flooring Behunin Commercial Flooring DenverFor all projects, Behunin Industrial Flooring in Denver will assess existing floors to determine the floor preparations needed for industrial flooring installation. If you want a new industrial coating for your food processing plant or warehouse operations, you may first need to repair the existing floors. That’s where our flooring experts come in.

Here’s what we do in regards to floor preparations needed for industrial flooring.

Repair Concrete Flooring

Many industrial floors are concrete slab which serves your business well as a strong flooring material. But it can still crack. If subject to extreme use, the floor can lose its support. We will need to prepare the concrete flooring for a new coating by first making any needed repairs. This will ensure that the new layers are properly applied, bond fully and last their full lifespan.

We will assess and measure any area that shows damage to determine how much work it will take to repair the cracks or chips. If they are small, we can patch and smooth them over. If we can keep the level of the concrete consistent then no other repairs are needed. If we find there is structural damage to the foundation, then we might have to completely tear out and replace the concrete before we can put down a new coating.

Prepping the Surface

Existing Coating

On top of the concrete industrial flooring are coatings that can be made out of a variety of materials. If your floor needs a new coating, we must prep the existing coating, especially if it is damaged. Sometimes we will need to actually remove the current protections in order for the new coating to get a proper seal.

We might have to buff down the existing floor coatings until the floor surface is free of cracks and peels. We will also need to assess defects in the concrete and fix spalling or moisture damage. We always want to make sure we create a smooth, flat, and even surface to apply the new coating because it will give the floor a quality seal and last longer.

Coating and Polishing

When all cracks and holes are patched, we’ll then prep for the new coating with a deep cleaning that will vary depending on what type of coating we are using. We then make sure the floor is completely dry before the new industrial floor coating is installed, with the exception of some special methods like wet concrete polishing. This reinforces a flat and smooth surface where the new coating can be poured. If any concrete damages aren’t repaired, they will be very obvious after the coating is applied. That would mean starting all over again from square one.

Our flooring team at Behunin Industrial Flooring in Denver are the experts at determining the floor preparations needed for industrial flooring. We want your industrial floor coating to last a long time and perform as expected. And that starts with a proper foundation, a perfectly smooth and level concrete floor. To learn more about our services, get in touch today.