How Industrial Flooring Helps Your BusinessOur experts at Behunin Industrial Flooring in Arvada can help you understand how industrial flooring helps your business. If your business involves factories, manufacturing plants, food and beverage processing facilities, automotive and chemical plants, and similar settings, it is important to have the right floor for safety, cleanliness, protection, aesthetic design, strength, and reduced maintenance.

You should use industrial floor coatings if your business:

  • Employs 20-40 people working in an industrial location
  • Considers safety and cleanliness important to production
  • Uses chemicals that can create damage to the floor if it is untreated
  • Uses heavy machines, aerial work platforms, or compactors
  • Uses potentially dangerous materials like wood, iron or steel

The right industrial floor will protect your building, your products, and your workers.


There are two common coating types for industrial buildings. They are urethane concrete and epoxy. They come in many colors and can be applied at different thicknesses depending on your floor needs. These coatings are smoothed or hand-troweled onto a prepared concrete floor which has been sandblasted or ground rough in order to strengthen the bond. The coating hardens into a seamless, flat surface.


Here are some considerations when choosing industrial floor coatings:


It is dangerous to have uneven or cracked floors that can cause accidents for your employees and equipment and can be hard to navigate. In addition, liquids can pool on an uneven floor and make slippery conditions, allow bacteria to grow, and ruin equipment or furniture.


When you choose the appropriate industrial floor coatings, the cleaning up is easy. It will take a shorter time and require less harsh cleaning chemicals. A floor that can withstand heavy duty cleaning prevents diseases and pests, and typically looks nicer than a dirty floor. In addition, food can lodge in uneven cracks and attract rodents. Dangerous chemicals can contaminate porous surfaces.


Without an industrial coating, concrete’s porous properties absorb spills like oil, grease and chemicals, and that damages the concrete, causing aging and stains from the chemicals and abrasives. A coating gives your concrete floor a strong protective layer that resists staining, chemical attack, or scratches and digs from your heavy equipment.

Aesthetic Design

Your protective and beautiful floor can help make your plant or facility look clean and attractive which creates a positive impression with customers, creates pride in the employees, and overall reflects good business practices. You can add color or quartz accents to make your industrial floor stand out and show your business cares.


An industrial coating will increase durability and strength for your floor. It will help withstand weight, chemical exposure, and abrasion. The coating will also give your floor a smooth surface that will last for many years.

Reduce Maintenance

A coated floor will usually reduce your cleaning regimen to a simple daily cleaning like sweeping and a standard hot water and vinegar wash. A coated floor can take rough treatments over a longer time period, which will save on your cleaning and replacement costs.

Now that you know how industrial flooring helps your business, our flooring experts can help you decide which coating is best for your floor. Behunin Industrial Flooring in Arvada takes pride in providing industrial, commercial, and decorative flooring systems that are engineered for versatility and functionality. Our flooring system lasts up to four times longer than conventional flooring options and meets the demands of every industry that we serve.