Industrial Flooring Installation

Industrial Flooring and Wall Systems

Tom J. Behunin Construction, Arvada, Colorado

Whether you need an industrial flooring and wall system for a room, production area or entire facility, Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado has the experience and expertise to take on any job. Our specialty is installing high-performance solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. And you can trust us to do things right the first time and on time.

Delivering a professional experience starts with having our expert technicians assess your floor problems and recommend a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that meets industry-specific requirements. We’ll then find the solution for your flooring and coating needs, such as:

  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Urethane Coatings
  • Mortars and Urethane Concrete
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Coating

Benefits of Industrial Flooring & Wall Systems

While concrete floors may have once been the standard, numerous rules and regulations have been put in place to protect workers, consumers and the environment. Our coating solutions for floors and walls can be customized to meet all protocol while providing durability, functionality and efficiency.

Why put your facility at risk? Protect new or existing concrete by installing an industrial flooring and wall system from Tom J. Behunin Construction. We unite function and aesthetics to deliver the very best:

  • Ability to withstand compression from heavy equipment
  • Odorless, zero-VOCs, contains no solvents or toxic materials
  • USDA, FDA and other regulatory agency compliance
  • Slip, skid, impact and puncture resistant options available
  • Decorative flooring in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Flexibility to withstand extreme thermal shock and impact
  • Corrosion control and resistance to extreme chemicals
  • Seamless, resistant to bacteria and easy to clean
  • Fast installation for minimal line disruption or downtime

Always Work with the Experts

All it takes is one call to Tom J. Behunin Construction in Arvada, Colorado to ensure full compliance and maximize the efficiency of your facility. We can also repair your current floors if necessary and provide a full overhaul of your industrial flooring and wall systems.