Industrial Flooring for ManufacturingIf you’re wondering what’s the best industrial flooring for manufacturing companies, Behunin Industrial Flooring in Arvada recommends taking a look at epoxy and other high-performance resinous floor coatings. Our professionals typically suggest industrial epoxy for warehouse and factories because it protects your employees, can improve productivity, and it looks good.

Of course, every facility is different and you will need to consider your company’s design and engineering issues, as well as your site conditions before you choose a floor coating. There are many businesses, food and beverage production plants to pharmaceutical plants, that may benefit from epoxy coatings. This high-performance, sanitary floors can easily be cleaned and are resistant to abrasions, staining, and deterioration from chemicals.

Industrial flooring for manufacturing requires strong epoxy and other resin-based polymers to protect against strenuous and repeated pressure that can break down a floor’s surface. General manufacturing facilities, businesses, retail spaces, walkways, vehicle maintenance facilities and aviation hangars need epoxy coatings to protect their floors as well.

Other manufacturing plants in pharmaceutical and food processing industries require certain floor coating systems that can protect against bacteria and meet the tough sanitary conditions necessary for their facilities, as well as the requirements of the USDA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies.

Everything from plain water to powerful chemicals can break down concrete and cause problems for your facility, as well as contaminate the soil below it. That’s why you need corrosion control coatings. At Tom J. Behunin Construction we’ve helped many companies protect their concrete floors. So, whether your company is a commercial kitchen, food and beverage processing center, or wastewater treatment plant, we can help you get durable and lasting industrial flooring.

Here are some of the benefits of using epoxy coatings for industrial flooring installation.

  • It protects against strong chemicals, solvents, and exposure to extreme pH. A high-performance coating is strong and prevents chemical and physical breakdown.
  • Skid-resistant surfaces help prevent slips and falls.
  • Some help control static.
  • Many have a self-extinguishing fire rating.
  • Resinous flooring helps stop mold growth.
  • Epoxy floors last longer and resist substantial wear, which saves money.
  • Industrial flooring for manufacturing can be installed relatively quickly, which prevents lost production time.
  • With an epoxy coating, your concrete floor is no longer porous which means dirt, chemicals, and other substances remain on the surface and the floor is easier and faster to clean.
  • Many epoxy coatings come in many colors, patterns, and could even have your company’s logos on it. Decorative flooring adds a lot of personality.
  • The coating can be high-gloss, which can enhance lighting due to reflection. Light-colored floors tend to brighten the space and create an upbeat atmosphere.
  • An epoxy floor is without cracks and potholes which increases safety and saves money normally spent maintaining and repairing equipment.

Choosing the appropriate industrial flooring for manufacturing companies is a key decision for any business. Our seamless corrosion control coatings at Behunin Industrial Flooring in Arvada are waterproof, non-porous and able to stand up to harsh chemicals, solvents, frequent cleaning, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.